Thera Paper

1. We’re saving the planet one subscription at a time.

Thera Paper is devoted to helping people around the globe through its sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, there is very little awareness when it comes to biodegradable products. Most people simply think that plastic is the only problem. When, in fact, even regular toilet paper and wet wipes take a long time to disintegrate. After being thrown away, these turn into pesky fatbergs that harm the environment. This ultimately increases the burden on the planet, owing to an array of problems such as global warming and climate change. Thera Paper, however, uses significantly fewer quantities of water and it breaks down faster. We also provide bamboo rolls that reduce pollution by a large margin. Therefore, we are on a mission to create a world where everyone leads an environmental-friendly life.

2. Haiti Diaries: Equitable access to biodegradable toiletries

Every year, thousands of people in Haiti die due to poor hygienic practices. As the country continues to grapple with lack of sanitization, Thera Paper strives to help as many locals as it can. Each time a customer subscribes online, we use 10% of the money to provide Haitians with safe and sustainable toiletries. Our products are BPA, plastic, and chlorine-free which means they posit no health risks. Our Haitian campaign started back in 2019 and has been going strong ever since.

3.We are preparing for a post COVID-19 world

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc all across the globe but this pandemic is potentially the first of many. As the world grapples with the consequences of a deadly virus, we are preparing for your future. At the beginning of 2020, store shelves with regular toilet paper became empty. Therapaper promises to never go out of stock even during a natural crisis. Since our biodegradable products use alternative resources, you will have endless opportunities to fulfill your personal hygiene needs. Rest assured, every one of our employees prioritizes your wellbeing at all costs. Our workforce wears masks and gloves while handling your product so you and your family are always safe.